DAM - Digital Asset Management

Simplifying team workflows with Chorus

Photographer, designer, manager… It takes many pairs of hands and countless stages to create what looks to the outside world like simple sales and marketing materials! Thankfully, Chorus is here to put it all in the cloud – and take care of the back-and-forth that slows down the delivery of many creative projects. Here’s how. Read more

When you need to keep things simple: Chorus

Our digital asset management solution has been designed to handle the sophisticated requirements of digital content specialists – but what if you’re looking for a product that also serves people who aren’t as comfortable with technology? Here’s how Chorus meets the needs of both. Read more

How Chorus now supports creative conversations

Digital tools for file storage and collaborative communication came into their own this year. But many creative teams found they needed a more joined-up combination for effective collaboration - so we started looking for a way to make this happen. Read more